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Enthusiasm & Persistence Pay Off

I recently took on a new client who is employed. The client had been using a largish established firm of accountants in Hastings for many years.

At first, why he wanted an accountant puzzled me, as normally my dealings are those with people in business whose affairs are complex. However, not being one to say no to someone who wanted to use my services (and of course, I never forget it’s a privilege for me to act for my clients), I set to with my normal enthusiasm to review his affairs and see if there was anything that could be done for this client beyond the norm.

When going back over the client’s tax history, year by year, nothing immediately jumped out at me, but I carried on, eventually going back to 2004, when much to my pleasure I found that my diligence had paid off, and that there was a tax refund available to cover my fees! Now, I thought, that’s tricky, as 2004 is normally too far back to get a tax refund, so a little craftiness was required! I persisted and thought up a way by which there was a good chance of success, and put my plan into action. The outcome? Success!

Now, of course, there’s no point in me getting my client a refund if it all goes in my fees, so with another think managed to come up with a second much larger tax refund! The result? One happy client who had already recommended me and my reputation for thoroughness and astuteness further enhanced!

Now at this stage you might be asking why the client’s existing accountants, a firm of Chartered Accountants with a good reputation, several partners and lots of experienced staff had not helped this client to get his money back from the IRD. Too laid back? Not really interested? Familiarity breeds contempt? We can only speculate, but as I tell my clients, often just being INTERESTED in one’s clients or customers is enough to differentiate you from your competitors!

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One Response to Enthusiasm & Persistence Pay Off

  1. Totally agree Nick. I believe that a good accountant should be more than just a beancounter and should provide a range of accounting & business advisory services AND pay attention to clients’ needs – we have two ears and one mouth and should use them in that proportion.