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Getting a New Role a an Interpreter

I was referred to a retailer in Napier by a business mentor who knew he was good on business systems. The retailer had three separate systems which had been installed piecemeal:

  • The back-end of a web-site which had a shopping-cart module
  • Cash-based accounting software
  • A Point of Sale system

The problems were:

  1. None of three systems talked to each other. The web-site was designed as a one-off by a one-man business and had not been designed to interface with any accounting systems. The accounting software didn’t have a General Ledger or Inventory System and whilst the Point of Sale system did have the theoretical ability to interface with common accounting software in practice it didn’t. No one in NZ knew how to make it work, least of all the individuals who were out there selling the system to more unsuspecting and trusting retailers! Consequently, they wasted many, many hours keying-in data manually.
  2. The retailer, like many, desperately needed some up-to-date financial information and a perpetual inventory system to get to grips with what was happening in their business but all they were getting was the useless information in their annual financials.
  3. They didn’t have much money and were not surprisingly reluctant to spend another $7,000 on a replacement POS system or many thousands on a new web-site.

So after wasting many hours trying to get the POS system to export to new accounting software which was installed on a free-trial basis what approach did I take?

  • Very little was actually sold from the on-line shopping cart, so that was discontinued for the time being and just used to take orders.
  • Looking at the on-line POS systems available with integrated General Ledgers and making a selection based upon a variety of factors and only after a FREE trial and talking to retailers who were actually using the system. No up-front cost and the ability to store transactions if the internet went down were primary considerations.

All great stuff – I got a new client as the existing accountant who had not helped was kicked into touch and the clients were so pleased they referred their friends to the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre.

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