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Six Reasons To Change Accountants

When a new tax year beckons… Why put up with mediocrity on the accountancy front any longer? Here are six reasons to get a new accountant for the new tax year:

  1. Fee Basis. Does your accountant work on a fixed quote or charge you by the hour for as long as it takes? Nowadays a fixed quote is the norm so why continue with old-fashioned hourly rates which only encourage inefficiency and feet-dragging?
  2. Cost. It still amazes me how much business owners are prepared to pay for a simple set of accounts and a couple of tax returns. The general rule is, the bigger the firm, the bigger the fee without any corresponding increase in benefits. Having said that, some small firms are expensive too!
  3. Delay. How many months (or even years!) does it take to get your accounts back? Do you enjoy not knowing what your tax bills are going to be?
  4. No visits. When was the last time your accountant visited you? If they don’t take an interest in your affairs or you’re too frightened to see them in case you get a bill, what does that tell you?
  5. Everything by Post. Do you receive long letters you don’t understand which you’ve paid for and don’t read anyway? Face-to-face is much better allowing questions and the opportunity to explain in depth.
  6. No Help with Systems. Is your accountant only interested in the annual financials and tax returns? As we know, business is complicated and nowadays it’s necessary to monitor your business performance regularly. What you can measure you can manage!

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