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How to Recognise a Proactive Accountant

Can you tell the difference between a reactive or proactive accountant? Let’s see if you can recognise your accountant here…

How Reactive Accountants Work With Their Clients

How Proactive Accountants Work With Their Clients

You call them when you have an issue

They call you and ‘check in’ on how you regularly

You visit them only when you have to

They ask to see you or visit you frequently

You only see or hear from them when something bad has happened

You hear from them frequently about all sorts of issues, ideas and opportunities

They do not have a regular communication program – it’s almost a surprise when they contact you

They have a structured communication program (that does not cost you anything)

They charge you by the hour for everything they do in 6 minute units so you’re too frightened to ask them anything

You know in advance what it’s going to cost you

They do not understand your business or situation and take little interest in you

They do understand your business or your situation and are very interested in your welfare

You receive surprise bills that you do not understand from the IRD

They have advised well in advance of the forthcoming tax bill and it is no surprise to you

They tell you what to do

They explain what to do and how to do it

They only offer you what you legally have to buy – tax returns and annual financials that add minimal value

They offer you a range of business improvement, systems and marketing services to help you get on

You do not have a very good relationship with them

They make an effort to enhance the relationship with you

They do not explain your work to you – they just mail it to you with no explanation

They sit with you and step you through what it all means, where the money went and help you interpret your situation

They virtually say ‘good luck, you’re on your own’

They offer you real help to plan and achieve your goals, financial and otherwise

Yes, there are plenty of old-fashioned reactive accountants out there and taking on the many new clients that I do enables me to see how they work and listen to what their ex-clients said about them! If you need help to find a proactive accountant contact Nick on 0800 ASK NICK or email nick@abac.co.nz.