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Because of the Customer

I was searching through my extensive collection of business and marketing material the other day when I rediscovered this useful ditty about the importance of the customer:

Because of the Customer

Because the customer has a need we have a job to do
Because the customer has a choice we must be the better choice
Because the customer has sensibilities we must be considerate
Because the customer is unique we must be flexible
Because the customer has an urgency we must be quick
Because the customer has high expectations we must excel
Because the customer has influence we have the hope of more customers
Because of the customer we exist!

No idea who came up with this, and Google was no help, but isn’t it true?

Nowadays of course, great customer service is no longer enough, and we must look to add value in as many ways as possible, and work out ways to help our customers help their customers, but given the poor service that’s still so common in so many businesses (despite the recession) perhaps many more business owners & their teams should learn this off by heart!

If you need help with your customer care strategy contact Nick on 0800 ASK NICK or email nick@abac.co.nz. The first thing we’ll get you to complete is our 30 question Customer Care questionnaire and then work with you to discover your customer’s key frustrations. We then design a fully customised customer care strategy for your business, typically incorporating key aspects such as performance standards, focused staff training and customer advisory boards to ensure your business begins to display the characteristics observed in the most successful customer driven companies.

2 Responses to Because of the Customer

  1. Don’t we all wish that more businesses knew and work with that simple truth?

  2. Very true- a business, especially a small business, should work around the customers convenience. The customer should not work around the business’ convenience.