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Persuasive Words in Marketing

If you’re writing about your business or thinking up special offers you need to make sure your copy is as effective and as persuasive as possible, as leveraging your marketing efforts means you get a much better return for your dollar or time.

Some say there are 8 really persuasive words in the English language, some 10 or 12 and one or two even 108 or 120 but I like the 16 most persuasive words used in advertising & direct mail as below:

  • You/Your
  • Guarantee
  • Easy
  • Results
  • Fun
  • Now
  • Save
  • How to
  • Money
  • Love
  • Benefit
  • Proven
  • New
  • Health
  • Free
  • Safe

Now you might think you’re pretty good at writing copy or you may think so daunting a prospect that you’d rather take your mother-in-law out to dinner, but either way, using as as many of these words as you can will make it very easy – just build your sentences around the words – here, let me demonstrate:

You will save money, love to use, have fun and enjoy proven results with the new super this and that now available in 6 new easy to use safe styles, guaranteed for 10 years, and comes with free accessories so healthy it’ll benefit you for years to come”.

There you are – easy peasy – used all bar one of the words in one sentence in a few seconds! And in addition, they’ll make sure you avoid the No. 1 mistake in advertisements. Which is, you ask? Putting your name at the top and then just listing out the services you provide. Is that persuasive? I think not! Who cares about your name unless you’re a global brand? And listing out your services? Come on now! I recently saw 15 adverts in one magazine for accountants. All bar two had their names and what services they provided. Tax returns? Accounts? You don’t say!

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2 Responses to Persuasive Words in Marketing

  1. Hi Jil,

    Yes you can definitely call the 0800 ASK NICK number and ask your questions.
    We also have a Facebook page which serves as a business community: people who like the page can ask all their questions and they are answered… for free!

    Speak soon


  2. JiL Sergent says:

    Kia Ora Nick Roberts. Bravely on-line and even more bravely READING some of your information..some of which gives me hope and inspiration. i just have to gather it together to know what to ask you. We definitely need marketing help. so i will ring 0800asknick , when I have those two/three questions properly answered. ENJOY YA DAY…and watch out for christians…SAID JiL of Aotearoa