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IRD Misses Thousands of Calls

A news story recently reported that says about 70,000 calls to the IRD went unanswered between June 25 and July 5, suggesting that this situation resulted from the 7 July tax return filing deadline. Such a shame!

So what conclusions can we draw here?

  1. Never leave things until the last minute, as it leaves no time for the unexpected or unforeseen problems.
  2. Don’t rely on the IRD for advice. Through no fault of their own, they haven’t got the time or even the expertise to assist you as they are not trained in all aspects of tax. Better get yourself a good accountant who isn’t too expensive.

  3. Get yourself linked to a tax accountant, as then you will have until the following 31 March to submit your return.

As always in life, a bit of pre-planning can make all the difference to the outcome in any given situation!

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