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When you ask someone to do business with you they have to take a risk, and sometimes that risk is a bridge too far – better the devil they know, they think. Now one very effective way of lessening that perception of risk is through a third part endorsement. It’s much easier for a prospective customer to believe you are good at what you do if someone else tells them.

There are several ways you can get third party endorsements for your business but one easy way is to get some customer testimonials. Here’s how:

  • Make sure they are named, not anonymous which just aren’t plausible. Ideally, they should be locals with their address or identified by their business.

  • Don’t just make them short one-liners, build a story of how you’ve helped the customer and gone beyond the norm, maybe to solve a particularly tricky problem.

  • They must be enthusiastic, not just matter-of-fact.

  • Think about what your prospective customer is looking for and what problems they have and then look for ways you’ve helped existing customers in those areas.

  • Build a collection of testimonials in a variety of situations and circumstances.

  • Wait until the time is right before you ask. The time to strike is when they are delighted with what you’ve done for them, when they say thank you for doing a great job. You don’t say “Oh it was nothing, it’s all part of the job”, you say “Thank you, I’m so glad you’re pleased, can I have a testimonial and oh yes, by the way, do you know anyone who would also benefit from my services?”.

But how do get your customers to write the type of testimonials you need? Well a minority of customers will be very capable of writing a decent testimonial for you, and will actually do so, but the majority need a bit of help, so what you do is to draft the testimonial for them and then get their approval and permission to use it and mention their name, address or business name. That way, you can stress the important things and the benefits to other customers. So, no more lame excuses, start building your collection of customer testimonials today!

If you need help with your customer testimonials contact Nick on 0800 ASK NICK or email nick@abac.co.nz.

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  1. Thank you for the comment. Indeed, bringing multimedia content into your marketing is always a good idea as long as it is used properly and doesn’t make the communication more burdensome for your target.