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Boring Old T&C’s… Or a powerful Marketing Tool?

The other day I was waiting for a prospective client to finish a ‘phone call and as I looked around, I noticed his terms and conditions that he handed out to his customers. Now terms and conditions are pretty negative things and enough to put anyone off, and this client’s was no exception, with a full page of tiny print. On the back of the terms and conditions was just their business name (in big letters), contact details, and a short list of the services provided.

In short, they had made the same mistake that so many make when designing a flyer or an advert:

  • Thinking that their business name is of interest to others
  • Listing out what they do which is always so obvious anyhow – e.g. a plumber who fixes leaks – well I never!
  • No USP (Unique Selling Proposition), no benefits of dealing with them, no third party endorsement, no offers, no inducement to take action
  • No guarantee to reduce the risk of doing business with a new untried supplier
  • No encouragement to refer

Why not turn your tedious terms and conditions into a powerful marketing tool by spelling out your point of difference, the key benefits of doing business with you, confirming you a solution/problem solver (after all, isn’t this what we all want, our problems taken away from us so we can do something we enjoy?) and including some testimonials, an offer or two, a referral voucher and a truly convincing guarantee?

Cost-effective marketing is all about using what you have already to it’s very best advantage, called  leveraging,

or as Jay Abraham (that fabulous US marketing guru) would say “getting everything you can out of all you’ve got” (fantastic book by the way!). So, don’t waste any opportunities and as a bonus, divert attention away from your long, boring and frightening terms and conditions!

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