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30 Minutes Marketing a Day Keeps the Liquidator Away

Regular readers of this blog know that effective marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, and indeed can be free (click here or here for free marketing techniques) but the other important thing to stress is that marketing can be quick and doesn’t have to be time consuming.

Take, for example:

  • A 30 minute coffee-meeting with a potential referral source. Is this difficult? Who doesn’t like coffee and a chat?

  • Handing out your business cards and telling the recipient why you’re different to the competition

  • Sending out a hand-written thank you card to a customer or a referral source

  • Make a sales follow-up call to a customer who has bought something recently

  • Ask for a referral by handing them a referral voucher – no stress, not being pushy, a piece of cake! Here’s one of mine:

So, either a coffee meeting or at least two of the other marketing activities above please, each and every day. I don’t want to hear any excuses – marketing is quick, easy, fun, and also ensures that the more unpleasant branch of the accountant profession -liquidators- will be making someone else’s life a misery!