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6 Easy Non-Computerised Marketing Techniques

computer_trashOne of my new clients urgently needed to get some new customers. Now that’s normally my prompt for launching into marketing advice mode and giving my clients some simple and free or low-cost marketing ideas to grow their business.

I’m used to clients putting up barriers: too expensive, no time, advertising works just fine… I’ve heard them all! This time however I was a bit taken aback when my new client said she didn’t have a computer because she couldn’t use them!

Rather than sending her off to a free community computing courses, I came up with a number of computer-less marketing techniques to add to her Action Plan:

  1. Networking. This just requires a telephone and a diary. Attend networking events and seminars, join the Chamber of Commerce and referral groups and collect business cards. Then invite people for a coffee, saying you’ll be in their area next week and you’d welcome a chance to hear about their business. Let them talk about themselves and they’ll feel good about you – it works every time!

  2. Free Stuff. No computer required here, providing things for free is still a very effective way of promoting your business and showing people how good you are. If your providing services, it’s a piece of cake, it’s just time – first service free, first treatment free, free consultation free etc. If it’s goods, give something of low cost to you but of high perceived value. Could be a sample, a taste, a gift, a free this with every that – the possibilities are endless!

  3. Referral Strategies. Still the most important source of new business (or it should be!) and so easy to encourage. Make up a referral voucher to hand to your existing customers or recognise and reward with a hand-written thank you note and a small gift. When someone says “thank you Nick, you’ve done a great job”, I don’t say “it was nothing, it’s all part of the job”, I say “thank you, if you’re pleased with my services, do you know anyone else who might be interested”?

  4. Joint Venture Marketing. Again very effective, leverage off a non-competing businesses with the same type of customers by getting the other business to refer business to you and vice versa. No computer required, just a sidewalk sign maybe and a bit of paper with your offer on for the other business to hand out.

  5. Database. OK yes I accept that a database will be a complete pain to keep manually, but that’s what we used to do in the old days, so just collect your customer’s names and addresses and ‘phone numbers. Then just keep in contact at least 6 times a year. Send them postcards, reminders, special offers, useful information, tips, guides, invitations, thank you letters, birthday cards – the list is endless!

  6. Customers Club. Form a customer club to make your customers feel special. Hold VIP nights with wine and cheese, offer them exclusive deals, give them a discount, offer a loyalty scheme, put their photos up on a giant pin board, call them all by their first names – the opportunities are limited only by a poor imagination!

 I’ve covered most of these in depth in previous blogs and you can also buy some cheap marketing books and CD’s (e.g. Dan Kennedy and Winston Marsh are excellent) so read up on all of these. Let’s face it – a lot of the marketing techniques you need a computer for are over-egged anyway – take Social Media for example! Just consider the time those in business (myself included) globally have spent on LinkedIn for example, and to what outcome? So, come on, don’t prevaricate or make excuses, get stuck-in, marketing is easy, low-cost and fun!

One Response to 6 Easy Non-Computerised Marketing Techniques

  1. Barbara Luke says:

    Great post. Marketing without using computers is still effective these days even though a lot of people opt now on doing things online to make it much easier. Yes, using computer and doing marketing in a more automated ways is easier but it can also cost a lot especially if we don’t know the right and effective strategies to use. Non-computerized marketing requires more effort that computerized one but I believe it is less costly.