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Business Mentor Manager says SME’s do no Marketing

no_marketingRon Massey, the Napier Manager of Business Mentors New Zealand, says that up to 90% of small businesses do no marketing whatsoever.

The problem, says Ron, is that most business owners believe that marketing is advertising and that is as far as they go. Advertising is often a waste of money Ron continues, as business owners don’t set goals as to what they expect in return for their investment and don’t measure what, if anything, is achieved.

All that can change, comments Nick Roberts of the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre, since Hawkes Bay business owners now have a fantastic opportunity to learn about marketing for FREE. Nick is the joint presenter of six FREE marketing workshops “Getting More Customers” (worth $1,550 in training and resources) aimed at helping you get another 100 customers within six months. Each stand-alone session will be packed with invaluable successful strategies, case studies, practical techniques that work, as well as real-life examples to help you apply them to your own business.

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Don’t live in Hawkes Bay? Well in future we might offer webinars but in the meantime, here are some quick tips to help you with your marketing:

  • Keep it cheap. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive, it can be free, see free marketing techniques here or here.
  • Keep it simple. A lot of business owners think marketing is too complex or too difficult. Well not at all – take for example referral strategies. What could be difficult about recognition and reward for a referral made? Or read about the most effective referral strategy ever – click here.
  • Do it regularly. Allow at least a day a week for marketing and at least 30 minutes every day, see 30 minutes marketing a day keeps the liquidator away.
  • If it’s not working, dump it! Don’t do the same old thing year after year if it’s not coming up with lots of leads. Advertising is a classic example where the same old useless advert containing just the business name and list of services is used time after time at a high cost with no results.
  • If you can’t track it, don’t do it. You need to be able to track the results of all your marketing as you can’t afford to waste precious money on things that aren’t working.
  • Do some research, copy your successful competitors and read or listen to some marketing books or CD’s which are very cheap. Look for Dan Kennedy or Winston Marsh. The best Dan Kennedy books are The Ultimate Marketing Plan or No BS Grassroots Marketing. Or Brad Sugars –  Instant Cashflow is great too.

2 Responses to Business Mentor Manager says SME’s do no Marketing

  1. Fehmeen says:

    I personally know a few business owners who didn’t market their products and they’re now wondering what to do with all the extra inventory they have since their business has temporarily shut down. They too, only thought marketing was advertising. In the apparel industry, word of mouth is probably the best way to spread the word without spending extra money. It’s a pity to see businesses close down over such a matter.

  2. jasllegend says:

    Some businesses don’t know how or where to begin