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Simple Ways To Minimise Waste And Costs


The ongoing debate about global warming is by no means convincing but whatever the outcome, it makes good business sense to reduce waste and save money, so here are some ways to achieve these:

  • Shut your business down completely at night.  It can save between 10 and 15% in wasted standby power!
  • Get practical energy-saving advice for the equipment you have. For example, use your dishwasher’s eco cycle (when it’s full) and consider energy star ratings when replacing appliances.
  • Reuse and reduce use of non-recyclable office products
    and supplies. 
    Think before you throw out stationery that could easily be re-labelled or reused.
  • Consider secondhand office equipment. Trademe has
    made it easy to recycle and to buy recycled office furniture.
  • Minimise packaging waste.  Reuse card and paper for repackaging your own items before posting.
  • Avoid single use items such as plastic water cups.  Reduce plastic and packaging waste by buying re-useable glasses.
  • Buy bulk kitchen supplies (tea and coffee).  It’s generally cheaper and will reduce packaging waste.
  • Reach for NZ made green products.  Use eco cleaning products and energy saving light bulbs.  Review your options and the items you purchase out of nostalgia.
  • Minimise printer waste.  Set default printer settings to grayscale and duplex or reuse paper for internal documents.
  • Recycle, beyond the odd tin-can.  Make recycling bins (including instructions on what can/can’t be recycled in the workplace) accessible.  What do you do with printer cartridges and other exhausted office products?
  • Email over post.  By emailing your daily invoices you’ll save postage, paper and delivery time!
  • Consider your paperless options.  It might be easier and cheaper to store and access files online.

Most importantly, get the team on board!  Discuss your efforts at team meetings and encourage everyone to do their bit. Why waste precious money that is hard to earn?