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Marketing Mistakes – Expecting Success from Advertising Alone

Ads cost 

There are many businesses that rely on advertising alone to generate new leads and prospective customers. Now for some businesses this might work, but for most, especially SME’s with limited budgets, it’s like burning a big pile of $50 notes.

It’s disastrous, in particular, for new businesses who think they can build a customer base on advertising alone. I’ve met a number in recent years that have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on advertising without gaining a single lead – what a total waste of money!

These are the reasons advertising doesn’t work:

  1. The vast number of advertising messages out there from every other business or organisation vying for our attention, so many that we get confused and overloaded and therefore ignore them all.
  2. The massive increase in the available ways to advertise – on-line, Facebook, e-mail, Google, SMS, LinkedIn, and many more, not counting the traditional ways. It’s too daunting a prospect and just too expensive to cover them all.
  3. Being able to reach your ideal customer. It’s difficult to find a way to advertise that reaches your ideal prospective customers. Advertising willy-nilly is firing a shotgun to hit the moon, 99% of your effort is wasted!
  4. Not knowing whether it’s working. Yes, some of us can track the results, but for others – retailers etc they can’t anyway.
  5. The cost. Only very large firms can build a brand by advertising – the required spend is just too colossal for most of us.
  6. The difficulty of writing an advert that works. Does your name mean anything to anyone other than yourself? Do you just list your services and expect people to get excited that as a plumber, you fix leaks? Surprise surprise!
  7. Not testing and measuring the advert to maximise its effectiveness. Most people use the same old advert for years that didn’t work in the first place.

Yes advertising can work but it should only be one weapon in your marketing armoury which should encompass a wide range of background and specific-campaign marketing, which is cheaper, more effective and a lot easier. If you need help with your marketing contact Nick on 0800 ASK NICK or nick@abac.co.nz.