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Having trouble getting paid by customers? – Try these 8 tips


A lot of business owners struggle with getting their customers to pay, and, as a result, get into cash flow difficulties themselves. Here are 8 practical tips that may help.

1. Clear expectations

Make your payment expectations clear on all your invoices and your Terms of Trade, which ALL customers should sign. Set the scene from the onset, making it clear that prompt payment is a condition of doing business with you.

2. Resolve quickly

Deal with queries or disputes as quickly as possible to get any excuses from your customers out of the way. The longer you leave matters in limbo, the longer it will be before you get paid.

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2 Responses to Having trouble getting paid by customers? – Try these 8 tips

  1. Katherine Prince says:

    One way I found to get paid and reduce the loopholes for clients is using an online invoicing app. Give it a go, professionalism and using Cloud services always seems to give clients a kick to get on with your invoice! I use Nutcache… http://www.nutcache.com/features/invoicing.html