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Working Overseas and Tax

clouds_beach_blackwhiteTax may be the last thing you’re thinking about when you make the big move over the Tasman or maybe further afield to the UK but that could be a costly mistake.

Just about everyone you meet or speak to thinks they can kiss the New Zealand IRD goodbye when they climb the stairs to their airplane but alas, the IRD are not that easy to get rid of and may stow away in your suitcase! If you don’t take the right advice and take appropriate action you might be in for a very nasty surprise when you get back to NZ. Have a read about an unfortunate individual who had a rental property in New Zealand whilst overseas he had never lived in. How does that place the many Kiwi’s that rent out their family home in this situation? The review of the case is from tax experts Tax and More Limited from Wellington. Their newsletters are always excellent.


If you’re going overseas to work save yourself some stress (and maybe money) by taking advice from an expert!