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Four reasons why BankLink is a proven solution for rural clients

“Stressful! Disorganised and time consuming.”

That was life for beef and deer farmers Kate and Nathan Stratford before moving to MYOB BankLink.

“We didn’t really have a handle on what was happening, we had minimal formal budgets and didn’t know if we were moving forwards or backwards with our business”.

Fickle internet connections, lack of time, need for reliability, and (for the Stratfords) a need for financial visibility – these are some of the reasons New Zealand’s primary producers turn to BankLink as their preferred accounting solution.

Let’s take a look at how BankLink has earned its position as leader in rural accounting solutions.

1.  Breadth of rural data

BankLink pioneered the data delivery process and still provides the MOST accurate, secure and reliable rural data. It’s rich in detail, contains key information including quantities and livestock details on purchases and sales.

And even though the data is really complicated to stitch together and deliver accurately to accountants, our expert data team do it with ease.

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