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5 reasons accountants make great business owners

I have made a career out of helping accountants run better businesses themselves and then helping their clients run better businesses.

In working with those accountants, I’ve observed that many of them suffer from confidence and self esteem issues and tend to forget that they themselves are running a business. Strange as it seems, I have heard of accountants who pack up their bags and go home with their tails between their legs when a client challenges them by asking ‘what would you know about running a business?’ Once we work through those issues, however, there are five very good reasons why accountants make great small business owners and why their clients should listen to them to improve their own businesses.

  1. They not only run their own businesses, but they are dealing with business owners every day
  2. They understand the numbers
  3. They understand the difference between profit and cash flow
  4. They are well educated
  5. They are well respected and trusted

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By Colin Dunn.