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What extra work and fees are involved when operating as a Limited Company?


Welcome to the first episode of Ask an Accountant. This is your chance to get direct answers to your accountancy, business & tax questions from business and tax expert Nick Roberts who founded the Accountancy + Business Advice Centre

This week’s question asks about if becoming a limited company was a good idea…

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Laugh at the IRD!

Illustration cerdit http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1399004

Are you a business owner trading via a limited company? Did you know that you can legitimately claim for private goods and services paid for by your company?

Yes you can, and it doesn’t matter what you claim – flights, a hotel bill, a present for your kids (or yourself), a new outfit – they’ll all be OK. One small catch, the amount you spend cannot exceed $300 per quarter per owner.

OK, it’s not a huge amount, but it all helps in these tough times right? And why pay them a cent more than you need to, I say?

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SmallBiz: What’s the Best Business Structure?


Choosing the best business structure for your startup is vitally important. But many business owners stumble upon their business structure by accident without any planning at all.

I know a case where a successful business owner trading as a sole trader who—out of the blue—was slapped with an uninsured legal claim of $390,000. Bye bye business; bye bye house; and hasta la vista wife!

When choosing a business structure, it’s normally a compromise between conflicting objectives. Here are a few pointers to help you choose.

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