Are Small Business Owners in Denial?

I met a business consultant contact the other day over a coffee. He was commenting that many business owners are in denial about just how badly they are doing in business: making small or no profits, working long hours with no systems, no marketing and generally not knowing whether they’re making or losing money – the list went on and on.

Are business captains hiding from facts?

Mentioning our conversation afterwards to an accountant friend, he didn’t feel that the business consultant was being totally fair to small business owners. “After all, he said, we’re still in the worst recession for 30 years, a lot of small business owners just have no resources left to utilise. The business scene is changing rapidly, marketing is a nightmare now with websites and social media. It’s hard to afford staff or to engage expert assistance anymore so business captains end up working 24/7 trying to do everything themselves. They’re skeptical about expensive business consultants in fear that they promise a lot but deliver little. In the end it’s all just so hard so they don’t know where to begin and therefore they don’t!

After that conversation, I thought, yes, there are two sides to every story. But who is right? What do you think? I’d love to hear your views, as I’m sure would others!

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